Alpha Psychiatric Associates offers a viable long-term business success strategy for private mental healthcare clinicians in Cary, Apex, RTP area.

At Alpha Psychiatric Associates, we believe most efficient way to operate a private group practice is through a dedicated practice management support that is working for you to maximize your revenue.

  1. You’ll have full partnership from day one with no buy-in fee! 
  2. You will join efficiently managed practice with a maximum cost and overhead percentage established prior to you joining the practice. No surprises, no risky overheads, contracts and lease agreements. 
  3. You will get all the benefits of an established practice ranging from client base, referrals, marketing, front desk, back office support, and efficient billing and collection. 
  4. You can focus on Patient Care, while Practice Manager is focused on maximizing your net revenue. 
  5. Practice Manager supports HIPPA, Meaningful use and any other Payer initiated audit/compliance reporting requirements. 
  6. Group practice allows you to share after hour commitment to your patients

Trained clinicians are very important to Alpha Psychiatric Associates. We would like to speak with you if you are interested in a group practice.

Please call us @ 919-439-6120 or email us at [email protected].