OCD & ADHD Treatments

It can be daunting to live with a mental illness. At Alpha Psychiatric Associates, we specialize in providing treatment and care for adults suffering from PTSD, OCD and ADHD.

ADHD Treatment

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is categorized by symptoms including inattention, impulsiveness, and hyperactivity. Adults who suffer from this disorder may have a hard time concentrating on a task, keeping organized, following directions, or completing specific work within a time limit. Finding the right medication can significantly help an adult to manage the symptoms. Many find that therapy and exercise also help.

Symptoms Of ADHD

  • Inattentive: ADHD adults will be easily distracted and feels very difficult to listen others conversation. If they are not distracted their mind seems somewhere.
  • Poor Time Management: They often have difficulty in organizing tasks and activities.Adults with ADHD have often trouble using their time effectively. These peoples will have trouble for focusing past and future, “now” is the most top of mind for them.
  • Forgetful in daily activities: Human beings will forget occasionally but the person who is having ADHD is forgetting is a part of day today life. Here they forgets important dates, bill payments, keeping appointments. Sometimes it becomes serious because it will damage the career and relationships also.
  • Impulsivity: ADHD peoples will interrupt in others conversation, they act like without much consideration on consequences. The main symptoms is impulse buying mainly the items the person cant afford.
  • Anxiety and Restlessness: It’s a common symptom in ADHD. Here mind tends to replay anxiety events repeatedly.
  • Issue on Relationships: Adult having ADHD will have issues on relationship whether they are professional or romantic. Their inattentiveness and boring can drained their relationship.
  • Hyperactivity: These people will answer before the question has fully asked. ADHD adults often unable to participate leisure activities quietly.

OCD Treatment

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is a type of mental illness many adults suffer from. This illness causes unwanted thoughts, and to get rid of the thoughts, a person with OCD will continue to do the same tasks repeatedly. For example, an individual may be overly concerned about his weight and may weigh himself several times a day, or another person may excessively wash his hands for fear of contracting germs. Treatment typically consists of a combination of medication and professional counseling.

Symptoms for OCD

The symptoms of OCD includes both obsessive and compulsive behavior.

Signs of Obsession includes:

  • Fear Of Germs and Dirt: The OCD affected person will be scared of touching things others have used or not interested for hugging or shake hand with others
  • Need things in order: These people get stressed when something is out of place. It’s hard for them to leave home without making it in an order.
  • Aggressive thoughts for harming yourself and others: If you are thinking something different you have a tendency to harm others and yourselves.
  • Unwanted thoughts, including aggression, or sexual or religious subjects


Signs of Compulsive includes:

  • Washing or cleaning : These OCD adults wash their hands, shower or cleans over and over.
  • Arranging and counting in a constant order: feel to arrange clothes in specific way or eat certain food in some order.
  • Constant Checking: Yow will check whether the doors are closed and kitchen appliances are turned off repeatedly.
  • Arranging items to face in certain way.

Attention Deficit (ADD/ADHD) Evaluation

ADD evaluation at our clinic is based on a neurological and psychiatric evaluation, medical history, information from various sources, and cognitive testing. This helps in understanding the severity and help prescribe appropriate solutions that best improves your condition.


What type of specialist would diagnose and treat ADHD?

Psychiatrists and psychologists, developmental/behavioral pediatricians,or behavioral neurologists are the specialist who help to diagnose ADHD, prescribe medication, and provide counseling or therapy.

What is the common treatment for ADHD ?

Stimulants and non stimulants are the main medications used to treat ADHD.These medications can decrease the ADHD symptoms of impulsivity and hyperactivity and increase attention.

What is the common treatment for OCD?

Major Two treatments are:
Psychological Therapy: this will break down your problems, fear and encourage you to face the fear and you will get the situation with less anxiety before moving to difficult thoughts.
Medication: Its a type of antidepressant medication which helps to balance of chemicals in your brain.

How does ADHD affect an adult’s work or job?

Person who face ADHD will have lower job performance also they have chance of changing jobs frequently.

Is there a specific test to diagnose ADHD?

There is no specific test for ADHD but the practitioner or the mental health professional would take assessment test to check whether the individual have the disorder.

Is there a specific test to diagnose OCD?

There is no specific test for OCD.They diagnose according to the assessment on symptoms of patients and also the impact of patients functioning.

How Common is OCD?

Millions of peoples are affected by OCD throughout the world. It is considered as the most common mental illness mainly in western countries which effects in man woman and children also.

Is OCD inherited?

OCD is inherited. It runs through the family and genes play a vital role for developing this order.

What are the common symptoms of adhd?

Inattentive,impulsivity, poor time management, forgetful in daily activities, anxiety and restlessness, hyperactivity.

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