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7 Legit Ways To Beat Your Post Vacation Blues

The vacation season is nearing completion. But, as you know, nobody needs a vacation so much as the one that just returned from them. From the sea coast, on which you spent magical days, you come dull and depressed. Many of us have difficulty joining the work process right after the holidays. How to...

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Is depression a disease? Some alternative depression treatments for you
The life of an average person is a mixture of joys and sorrows. But everyone longs for a happy life. But think of a situation where no matter how hard you try, you can not bring happiness in your thoughts, feelings..
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Does your child have ADHD? 11 symptoms of ADHD in children

There are some complaints that many teachers regularly make about certain children at parent meetings in schools.

“This child has no discipline and no obedience, not paying attention in classrooms, and is terribly lazy and will never do a single homework”. 


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11 Tips to Improve your Mental Health That'll help you to have a Radiant Life

The word mental is commonly used to refer to the mind or things related to it. Mental problems can be defined as a condition that causes significant distress or disability in a person’s activities due to fluctuations in the mind. One of the major challenges facing our world right now is how to prote...

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