7 Legit Ways To Beat Your Post Vacation Blues

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The vacation season is nearing completion. But, as you know, nobody needs a vacation so much as the one that just returned from them. From the sea coast, on which you spent magical days, you come dull and depressed. Many of us have difficulty joining the work process right after the holidays. How to motivate yourself to the daily rhythm of office work? Our tips will help you overcome summertime depression.

For many people, vacation is a detachment from reality, when you do not need to think about anything, live without thinking about tomorrow. But the sad time comes back home. And although for many of us returning home is also a happiness, having returned, they most often become disoriented, nervous about trifles, experience stress from a change in the situation, indulge in feelings of nostalgia for the past vacation.

Post-vacation blues has much in common with pre-vacation amnesia when people are also lost before the start of the holiday, they can not concentrate on work. But nevertheless, pre-vacation amnesia has positive emotions, while post-vacation depression is most often associated with negative consequences and causes seasonal affective disorders.

However, life goes on, and you cannot endlessly live in the past, remembering the vacation. It’s time to move on! We recommend that you try these tips to enter the workflow without the threat of complete moral exhaustion.

1. Use a day-off as a transition period

We are all different, and ending a vacation affects everyone differently. Someone, after the end of the vacation, enters into a rut and immediately returns to the routine of life, while others cannot gather their thoughts and experience moments of vacation again and again.

Your summer blues can be alleviated if you prepare in advance. Do not start with work that will certainly be beyond your strength. Plan your vacation so that upon your return you have at least one day off to cope with the emotions of your vacation, relax after the flight, and acclimatize if necessary.

Take care of your usual household chores that day. So your body will understand that not everything is as scary as it seems, and will begin to adapt to the usual environment. If you want, you can come up with a list of tasks to be done immediately after returning. These chores will distract you from the bad thoughts of returning from vacation. You can also read Suboxone Treatment – A Complete Guide You Should Read

2.Have a mini weekend break

You can go out on Friday, have a barbecue and spend a pleasant time with your loved ones. Or another good option – just take a walk in the city and have a cup of delicious coffee in your favorite cafe. You can just go to the cinema and enjoy watching a good movie.

3. Share your impressions

If you have already returned to work, but still suffer from nostalgia for your vacation, then it’s time to share your impressions with colleagues about your trip! Show photos and tell how cool you spent your time on vacation. Speaking your impressions, you relive the positive emotions that can save you from depression.

Back at home, sort and process your photos and videos. Post them if you want on social networks, or print the best photos and put in a family album.

Try to imagine those pleasant moments from a trip are just a part in a chain of new impressions and memories. And this chain lasts a lifetime.


During the holidays, we all love to allow ourselves too much, and additional calories affect our body. If you exercise regularly, then you can easily return to the gym. If you don’t pay much attention to sports, think, maybe right now is the moment when you should start? Motivate yourself to do sports!

5. Change your life for the better

Returning from vacation, do not allow yourself to think that the world has collapsed, and you are being carried away into the abyss. Only you can change yourself and your way of thinking. Consider that having returned from vacation, you begin a new life. Do not hope for tomorrow, start something new and interesting that you always put off for later!

There was only one suitcase of things with you on vacation, but you felt great with a limited number of things and objects. Maybe it’s time to change and make your life easier? The more free space you have at home, the more freedom you will gain! And last but not least, save a ton of money on buying unnecessary things.

During the holidays, you rarely used your cell phone, enjoying your vacation and rarely calling up with your family and friends, not only because of expensive roaming but also because the phone seemed to you an unnecessary thing. Take the habit of using your phone as needed, and not as a placeholder for free time. The same goes for the TV.

6. Bring a travel souvenir to work

If you are worried that it will be difficult for you to enter the working / educational mode or just into everyday life, the presence of a souvenir will facilitate the adaptation process. A souvenir can remind you of the fun time you spent. Studies have shown that mentally returning to those places where we felt good and calm, we are less worried and nervous when we return from a great trip. If you have your own office, decorate the table and/or wall with travel photos. You can also put on the table a small figurine or a calendar with pictures from vacation.

7.Plan your next vacation

There is nothing nicer to plan a vacation, come up with routes, look for cheap tickets, see which museums you can go to. If you think about the vacation that awaits you ahead, then you definitely will not experience depression in relation to the ended vacation. If you are on a budget, plan how you can save money so you can spend a week or two at sea or watching the sights. 

Depression is defeated, and only positive emotions about vacation left!

Do not get hung up on the past, live in the present! And then there will be only positive emotions about the vacation, without a gram of regret. Dream, and then you can afford a new journey to happiness! Connect with our Psychiatrists for more.

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