Summer Blues: Symptoms and 11 Tips to Fix It

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Do you find yourself rolled up in the blanket of sadness even when the sun outside is all bright and full of life? Do you experience jitters with the thought of facing the summer sun and heading to the beach? If yes, you could be experiencing a bout of summer depression.

Yes, summertime sadness is as real as any other ailment, and it is one of the many SAD or Seasonal Affective Disorder. 

However, do you wonder why some people go through such a taxing experience during summers? Well, let us unveil the science behind summer Sadness. Our body has a hormone called Melatonin, which is responsible for driving our sleep-wake cycle. Too much sunlight during the summer can disrupt melatonin production, and result in summer blues. Moreover, too much sunlight is directly related to making people suffering from major depressive disorder more anxious and stressed. Although summertime SAD do not stay for long, it doesn’t make it any less daunting or overwhelming to go through. 

That is why we are here to help you overcome the summer depression –

1.Take Notice of the Seasonal Bout of Depression

The thing about summer SAD is that not many acknowledge experiencing it and thus often overlook the signs of depression. Taking note of when you are depressed and what makes you sad can help you reverse the effect of summer blues. The pattern of depressing episodes will help you understand your condition better and might provide solutions to overcome it. Once you have figured out what triggers your depression, you can work towards countering it. You can also read Suboxone Treatment – A Complete Guide You Should Read

2. Seek Help

Seeking professional help can bring a lot of relief to your summer sadness. Whenever you feel that the summer sun is making you mentally sick, call your therapist or psychiatrist. One must not take the signs of depression as passing off thing. Instead of waiting for the time to take away your sorrow, take action. Most people assume that the summertime SAD will fade away over time; however, if not addressed in time, SAD can turn into MDD. 

3. Plan for the Summer in Advance

Prevention is better than cure. In the case of summertime SAD, there is no better preventive measure than planning. Start planning for the summer depression well ahead of it and take all the necessary steps to prevent depression from creeping in. Contemplate on what makes summer depressing or stressful to manage. Is it the weather that makes you all dull and gloomy, or is the sunlight that makes you weak in the knees? Once you have focused on the causes of summer sadness, think of the ways you can control it. 

4. Take Medication

If you have a long history of summer blues and you’re already on medication for depression, ask your doctor to increase your dosage. You may even ask your psychiatrist to change your prescription during summers. 

5. Sleep

For most people, summer means time to hit the beaches, go on vacations, plan campfires – basically stay up till late. However, for those suffering from depression, sleep deprivation can worsen their condition and act as a trigger for summer SAD. During summers, ensure that you get enough sleep. 

6. Do Some Exercise

Doing some of the other physical exercises not only keeps our body healthy but also provides that we are mentally fit. Engaging in some of the other physical activities is the best way to keep fat and depression at bay. Even though the summer heat makes you feel like missing the gym, don’t skip it. Instead, shift your exercise time to early morning or late evening hours to prevent the summer heat. You can also take up small exercises like running, cycling, or swimming to keep yourself physically active. 

7. Pick up a Book

Books are the best way to escape reality and experience solace. Pick up a book that might interest you and delve into the story. There are various e-book readers available for free where you can find countless books of all genres. If you are old-fashioned and prefer reading tangible books, consider joining a book club or library. Books will not only accompany you wherever you go, but it will also take your mind off the things that depress you. 

8. Plan for Your Vacation Carefully

Summer is all about heading for an extended vacation. However, for those experiencing summertime SAD, vacation could be more stressful than relieving. If you are planning a getaway with family or friends, ensure whether you are ready to face the sun. The vacation might impact you on a long run and worsen your SAD. Consider taking small breaks throughout the summer to keep yourself on your feet. 

9. Be Near Nature

Nature has the power to heal everything and anything. A walk amidst nature is enough to refresh one’s mind and get them back on their feet. Moreover, getting out in nature means exposure to vitamin D, which is essential for the well-being of the body. Take time out of your schedule to go out in nature, hit a park, or go on a hike. It will surely help you reconnect with yourself and lift your mood. 

10. Reduce Exposure to Light

Although light therapy is one of the most effective ways to treat depression, it might not work on someone suffering from summer seasonal affective disorder. There may be several reasons for the sensitivity to light, but it can surely be the reason why you experience a heightened sense of depression and stress in summer.During summer, cut down on the time you spend in the sun. Consider using dark shades to prevent exposure to light. 

11. Don’t Keep Yourself Isolated from Other

Your summer blues might make you feel like not heading out for a movie or hanging out with friends. Don’t give in to it! There is a strong connection between loneliness and depression. The more you isolate yourself, the more depressed you will get. Get out of the bed and connect with people. Get social to beat the depression. 

We hope the article helped you find ways to control your summertime SAD and overcome the depressing feeling it accompanies. Try them today to beat the blues that are shrouding your merry time. Also, don’t forget to share the tips with someone who may need it!

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